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    ▪ successfully make a significant business or life transition 
    ▪ smash limiting paradigms that are barriers to your success 
    ▪ define and live an aligned personal vision

    Jan Carley is a high-performance possibility catalyst specializing in coaching executives and teams to clarify their vision and leverage their signature strengths to maximize their performance potential. Challenging her clients to smash limiting paradigms that are barriers to their success and supporting them as they create transformative new possibilities has made Jan a sought after business coach globally. 


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    Jan's first book, Harmony from the Inside Out - Creating and Living your Performance Potential, has been critically acclaimed worldwide and is now in its third printing. 

    Jan uses her signature harmony from the inside out approach to tap into the core values and brilliance of her clients and from that place, access their greatest potential and possibilities to take them and their organization to the next level of success. Jan brings a progressive whole-brained approach combined with boundless energy and a healthy sense of humour to her executive coaching programs. Her coaching is guaranteed to bring you clarity, direction and fast results.

    Jan is Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, co-teaching the Foundations and Personal Mastery components of their highly regarded Executive Coaching Program and is also a Professional Mentor Coach.

    I started working with Jan Carley a few years ago. The key for me in coaching is that Jan is a partner who understands a fair amount about my business but she knows a great deal about me.  She knows what I value, how I make decisions, what my goals area, where I'd like to go, what things can easily block me from success. She can use those and reflect back lots of ideas from her knowledge of me, her knowledge of people in general and her skills as a coach. She's interested in me and cares about me, but she has nothing at stake in my decisions. This frees her up to be way more objective than anyone in my organization or my family, where the decisions may affect them greatly. Jan serves as my safety net, my advisor and my constant ally. - Christina Temperante, CEO/Partner, Volkart May 

    Working with Jan has enabled me to achieve personal and professional results that were too lofty to even dream about previously. She has an uncanny ability to listen in a way that enables her to then ask pointed, powerful questions, and yet she does so with all the care and compassion one could ever ask for. Working with her is a "must have", not a "nice to have", in my business plan and strategy." - Bruce McLeod, President, Live Big Coaching/Former Vice-President, Human Resources, Bioniche Life Science 

    "Coaching with Jan while in the process of establishing my business has been integral to achieving success. Having an accountability partner to keep me going has kept me on track...Jan is able to ask the questions that force me to really think about what's getting in the way and create clarity (and confidence) for the path forward"  - Melissa Casey, Casey Executive Coaching and Team Development

    "Jan helped me open up my thinking, explode some myths and "get out of the quicksand" I was mentally mired in. The regular coaching cadence we established made me accountable to keep moving forward - something I wasn't able to do on my own. Having Coach Jan in my corner, cheering me on and gently guiding me, has been invaluable for me."  - Patti Tironi, Director, Internal Communications, Ingersoll Rand

    "Jan has helped me to make one of the biggest transitions in my life. She is fully engaged, adaptive, funny and an awesome listener. She believes in me sometimes more than I believe in myself. My life is fuller and richer for having Jan in it." - Michelle Sharp, Founder, Edge Consulting Ltd.   

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    Harmony from the Inside Out
    Creating and Living your Performance Potential

    By Jan Carley

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    "Jan is Canada's Ben Zander (The Art of Possibility). Read this book – your life will thank you!"
    – Carollyne Conlinn, 2009 Canadian Coach of the Year

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